The Casa Puddu Academy was founded in 2010 to promote the Sardinian agri-food, wine and food heritage. It organizes various initiatives (courses, meetings, studies, conferences, debates, events, seminars…) aimed at making consumers, institutions and businesses aware of quality cuisine. Through the enhancement of typical products, it builds a showcase of excellence, favoring the visibility of the cultural-environmental heritage that is transmitted with the great cuisine of the territory, training young talents in order to make them protagonists of the relaunch of the culture of food and native productions. Accademia Casa Puddu promote business creation in the agrifood sector and hospitality among young people in the area, through training, re-qualification and career guidance activities. Finally, it carries out an intense activity of construction of territorial networks in the local food supply chains.

Accademia Casa Puddu is locate in Marmilla, a small region of Sardinia, Italy, more precisely in Baradili, one of the smallest towns in Italy.

The Academy offers classrooms and laboratories equipped with professional equipment and innovative Electrolux Professioanl technologies designed to allow students to learn in a context very similar to the kitchen of a restaurant.

Developed on a total area of ​​1200 square meters, the structure counts:

• Bakery labs
• Pizzeria labs
• Room with 250 seats for educational and tasting activities
• Classroom for frontal lectures
• Relaxation room and library
• Educational garden
• Relaxation room and library
• 7 double rooms with private bathroom